Experiential Marketing

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the groundbreaking series, The View, MerryMedia solicited participation from 10 ABC affiliates in the top markets. Each affiliate was provided with an all-expense paid trip for winners and their guests to join the audience for a show taping, meet the hosts,  and attend the red carpet anniversary party!



MerryMedia is takin’ to the street!

To support The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, MerryMedia has produced city-wide treasure hunts, in coordination with local NBC affiliates, which attract participants via on-air spots and social media postings.

Staying true to Jimmy Fallon’s love of games, the first clues are released on the affiliate’s Twitter page (as well as on other social media outlets) and the subsequent clues are handed out by street team brand ambassadors.

Prizes are awarded at each location and grand prizes vary – from starring in a local Tonight Show promo to winning tickets to the show.

MerryMedia produced a Find Fallon treasure hunt simultaneously in eight affiliate markets in Ohio, and most recently, in Los Angeles.

Please click the video tile below and see an example of the treasure hunt news spots that were broadcast on KNBC’s 5PM, 6PM and 11PM newscasts!

Jimmy Fallon Pic 1 Jimmy Fallon Pic 2

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